CWR Export



  • CWR_3letter_code : given by the CISAC
  • CWR_SenderID : the name of the sub-publisher as registered with the 3letter_code

In the Catalogue fixing workshop :

  • Add the PRO agreement on the actor doing the registering (you)
  • Choose the actors you control and mark them
  • Lettering works
  • Add the sub-publisher
  • Separate name and surname
    Select all authors (in actors of the group) and click on « Separate Name/Surname »
  • Transfer the collection shares

Catalogue export

Catalogue export :

  • Export type : CWR
  • Choose the group
  • PRO : choose the PRO you want to send it to
  • Company registering
  • Recipient: depends on the PRO choice
  • Directory: folder where are going to put the CWR files