CWR Export



  • CWR_3letter_code : given by CISAC
  • CWR_SenderID : the sub-publihser’s name as registered with the 3 letters

The catalogue fixing workshop :

  • Add control on the actors you represent

In actors of the group you can select creator or publishers and click on « controlled » * Chains In chains choose, if your works have no complexity, apply simple chain, or semi automatic if you take care of several publishers * Add sub-publisher and give him the collection shares of the original publisher In actions of actor, choose the publisher you represent, clone him into you and transfer him his collection shares. * Add PRO agreement if the PRO you are registering to requires one In actions on actors, choose you and add PRO agreement * Split Name/Surname

Select the creators (in “Actors of the group) and click on « Split first/last name »


Catalogue export

  • Export Type : CWR
  • Choose the group you worked on
  • PRO : choose the PRO you are going to send it to
  • Company : you or the client you have management for
  • Recipient : depending on the PRO chosen
  • Directory : folder in which the CWR will be exported