Error messages

The error messages in general and in Le Sage in particular are intended to understand the cause of the problem in order to solve it faster.

Imagine going to the doctor and saying, « Doctor, I’m in pain. »

So, try to send the technical support the exact error message (attach a screenshot if necessary) and the action that you think triggered that message.

Some errors are generic and may appear at any time. They are usually due to a problem outside Le Sage.

Socket error

Le Sage lost connection with the server. This problem rarely occurs in LAN (even rarer in single-user use), but more common in « Cloud » mode.

The most common causes are:

  • network problem (even momentary)
  • the computer went to sleep

Quit Le Sage and restart it. If it does not restart, it means that the network problem is still present.

Insufficient memory

The message speaks for itself but the solution is not necessarily buying or granting more RAM. Le Sage is currently a 32bits application which limits to 3.6GB the amount of memory usable by the system. A 64bits application is available if it can run on your computer.

If the problem appeared during an XLS export, try a CSV export that is less greedy.