Special actors

General principle

Whether in a work or in a contract, we could indicate to the Sage payouts to apply « blindly »: we created a group of works for a catalog, we associate a contract which defines that we keep 10% and that 90% is turned over to the client. This system works very well for sub-publishing but obviously raises problems for the local works in particular because, according to the number and shares of the authors, composers and publishers present in each work, this « blind » distribution is unusable.

That is why it is possible to create « virtual » rights holders who will be responsible for distributing the shares according to the copyright data.

Lets take an example:

We create an actor to which we give an explicit name (this name will only be visible by you) and, in the « Royalties » tab, we ask him to distribute the rights between all the controlled actors. We take the opportunity to give 100% on all types of rights because in most cases it’s what you want.

Now, let’s inform a work. We need two lines in the « royalties » part:

One for the rights that come from the local PRO and which are exclusively intended for you since the other right holders have already been paid on their side …

…and one for direct rights

We do not specify a supplier (in fact this rule will apply regardless of the provider except SACEM), we delete the DEP, DRM and Phono shares and we indicate, in the « copyright sharing key », that we wants to use the part « Phono SACEM ».

This is the « Copyright » information in the work :

Lets try out creating a right line of 1000€ in direct rights. Le Sage will calculate :

He has well recognized that the total share of controlled actors is 50% and therefore the share of each is respectively ¼, ¼ and ½.

Change the copyright to indicate that we control almost everyone (remember that we chose to use the part « Phono SACEM » for our calculations)

Lets calculate the statement again

Le Sage always distributes the same amount but this time by giving the publisher (25% on 75% in total) and ⅙ to each of the authors / composers (12.5% ​​on 75% in total).

Of course, at the scale of a work it does not have much interest but it also works on contracts, of course.

We have seen here the simplest sharing mode but it is possible to do other interesting things.

You have seen that rights holders can be created that can allocate rights especially between authors / composers or only between publishers.

Let’s go back to the « Copyright » configuration from the beginning:

Two rights holders are created respectively to distribute the rights between the « Authors and Composers » and between the Publishers. Then change our « Royalties » area as follows:

The payout « All actors » is empty for the various rights but distributed to 10/90 between the Authors / Composers and the Publishers (one can imagine, for example, that for the partitions, the editors keep a majority of the sums to amortize the expenses Manufacturing) :

The publisher keeps 90% of the sum and the Authors / Composers get the remaining 10% following their shares « Phono SACEM ». Note that you can use one of the nine « Copyright » shares available: