View rights

Read, analyse, extract royalty data, is the purpose of this module. The quantity of imported rights or even manually entered, will not enable to view all rights at the same time. I is important de contraint the view for it to be readable.

  1. id number of import : this number is indicated in List of import
  2. group : group of works you want to analyse
  3. Period : period created configuration
  4. Condition : condition on rights listed in configuration
  5. SACEM.CodeFilm : information uploaded via a SACEM rights import
  6. Ttitle starts with :
  7. Code starts with :
  8. Third Party : your royalty supplier

Viewing tools

List template

It is interesting to establish different templates of lists according to the analysis of the rights to perform. A lot of columns are available, according to the information extracted from the rights imports.

The templates are displayed and adjusted by right-clicking on the list of rights.

Once the columns chosen, each one can be filtered to keep only certain information: sources, types of rights, etc.

Sum of rights

The sum of rights can apper if you right-click on the bottom of this lists bar.



You can export the viewing in an excel sheet by right-clicking on the header of teh list.

Associate a tag

The notion of Tag is detailed here : Rights Tags