Contracts define payment rules, royalties, and are applied to a group of works.

They are added from « The Contract’s List » in the « Main Menu »


From this screen, you can:

  • add
  • remove
  • update the changes
  • duplicate an existing contract.

The contract sheet

  1. Description : contract name
  2. Sub title : additions to the name on the contract
  3. Territory : territory in which the contract will apply
  4. Signature date : beginning date. When the deal was signed.
  5. Expiration date : when the contract ends.
  6. Level : when several contracts are attached to a works via different groups, the level lets you know the order in which these contracts apply. Sage will apply the contract with the highest level
  7. Company : the company to which the contract is attached.
  8. Managing actor : ?
  9. Notes : this notes are personal and their use is purely internal.
  10. Royalties


Royalty statements


Styles facilitate the reading of complex royalties. Different repayments for the same types of rights under certain conditions, can be read easily through colour and text styles. In Configuration you can personalise styles Styles


Payout base

Payout base (by default it is 100%) enables the adjustment of the amount received. For example, if you collect rights for two co-publishers and you pay back 90% of the rights, you indicate a 45% repayment for each publisher (50% of the 90%). In this case your clients may not understand why they only receive 45%.

If you indicate in the payout base 50%, you will be able to put a 90% repayment for each publisher. The statements will indicate 90%, being precisely what the deal is with your clients.

Conditions on rights

The idea is selecting a condition on rights, among those created in the Sage Configuration Conditions on rights.


Conditions on rights must be limited so that two conditions can not be applied at the same time. If two conditions are applicable at once, Sage will select one at random.

Payouts key

The payout key uses a column in the copyrights for the payment of the royalties. The key links the special actors described in Actors Special actors A special split column avoids using a statutory payout.

Controlled by

This field makes it possible to force the headers and footers of a company different from the one mentioned in the work or in the contract. This is often useful for catalogues in management. The field « controlled by » shows a list of companies. Companies are to be added in Configuration

Payout depending on type of rights

Depending on which rights your receive, Performance, Mechanicals, etc. you will want to arrange different payouts. Le Sage has several type of rights that can be used : for local or foreign royalties.

Using contracts

A royalties contract applies to a group of works. Once the contract is entered in the list of contracts

  1. Create a group of works
  2. In the group sheet, « General » : Choose the contract you want to apply to the group from the drop-down menu
  3. Check in one of the works within the group : if the contract information is filled in in the royalty section .