Import list

The import list lists all catalog and rights imports. It allows to trace the entry of new works, dates of rights, the modification of matches, …



N°import : n° given by Le Sage date : date of the import Type : catalogue / rights Sub-type : Full name : name and folder it has been uploaded from Description : filter used to upload Thirs party : supplier of the file Amount : amount uploaded via the import Amount in currency : amount expressed in the currency uploaded Note : note written when the file was uploaded Unimportdate : date when you unimported the file Lockeddate : date when you locked the import Status : this statuts states maches lacking on a rights import Date of rights : forced date, or date coming from the file uploaded


Refresh : refresh the page to show a modification Matches : Start matching works. You can start it using a right-click Lock : Unlock : Unimport : unimport a catalogue or rights can me done supressing the information that the file uploaded Cleanup : No distraction : show the lines that have been unimported


Columns : personalize the visible columns Unimport : action to unimport Change the date of rights : force a different date to the rights in the file Change the counter-value : if you received euros and the import file wad expressed in an other currency you can enter the real amount received in Euros and Le Sage will express teh rihts in Euros accordingly Create a group : create a group with the works present in the file imported