ACKs import

PROs will return their comments and work numbers to the drop account after receiving your CWR submission (CWR-ACK) with more or less works. CWR ACK files make no mention of the CWR sent at first.

  • Catalogue import
  • Link to document - Filter: CWR ACK -> Next
  • Check that codes have been assigned or if not check the message of rejection by selecting lines of works -> next
  • Inform the company and the Third Party -> Next
  • « Look for a match on the title »: No! - Check « Do not create new works » -> Next
  • Nothing to fill in territories and sharing keys. Next
  • Successful catalogue integration

Import analysis

In order to analyse which works have been filed and which ones have been rejected go to « List of Imports ». - Create a group (right click on the CWR import) - in the tab « Works of the group »: « Template of list of works: Defects » and in « model of the list of actors: Messages » - you will see comments made about each work by PRO.

  • Sort the works according to the type of answer PRO has given : refused with the reason, accepted, …
  • extract the rejected works to rework them
  • extract accepted works so as not to carry out the same actions on them as those to be reworked
  • change the status of rejected works, reworked for export, ….

The idea is to facilitate the reading of the returns, in order to work by group of works, according to the modifications to be made, the works to be re-exported so that they are the subject of a new submission.

Each work will retain all messages that have been integrated by type of PRO with the import date. To ensure a meticulous follow-up of the history, notification that you have reworked the work and that it is ready for a new submission is necessary by means of a message through « add a key event for the deposits ». Once the work is registered and returned by ACK, it will be marked as accepted but will keep the history of its previous refusal and the date on which you reworked it.

To follow the progress of the CWR process, without going through all CWR ACK groups created with each return of the PRO, go to « List of Exports » in « Registration « .

  • Go to the list of exports
  • Choose the CWR export you sent
  • Create a group with this export
  • Go to group works
  • In secondary list template select « messages » and press « deploy all works »
  • All submitted works are listed with their progress.