Catalogue (received from PRO) import : SACEM example

The SACEM catalogues come to you with a COCV which is a primary key. It means that all the works who are already in your database ** with a COCV ** will be directly identified, unambiguously.

However, if, in one way or another, a new work comes from SACEM and this work is already in your database. data but without a COCV, you will want Le Sage to simply add the COCV to the existing work rather than create a new one.

For that, when Le Sage will meet a work whose COCV is not yet known to him, he will have to do a research on the title. Choose the scope of this search (all works | belonging to a company | belonging to a group | tagged) and ask for a manual match « Only when finding a title match ».

If you are sure that none of the imported works already exist in your database, tell the Sage not to search for a match on the title (choice « No ») and never « offer » to manually establish a match.